Kyle Gronostajski has been creating photographic images since he was 14 when he got his first film camera. Surfing and traveling, and surfing while traveling, were the first things to catch his eye. Kyle learned to shoot on film and still has a soft spot for the slowed down process whether it be 35mm or large format.

Though largely self taught, Kyle has also received countless instruction from some of the best photographers in their respective genres. These influences have given Kyle a realistic and photojournalistic style, but one that does not shy away from creativity and experimentation. 

Kyle slowly worked his way up through the crowded surf photographer ranks to his current title of Senior Photographer for long time surf publication Eastern Surf Magazine. 

While surf remains one of his regular subjects, Kyle also enjoys photographing weddings, portraits, and other important life events. Kyle is not limited in his subject matter and has shot food and events, as well as various editorial work. When not creating images you can find him at work for Alliance for a Living Ocean, surfing, fishing or biking around his hometown of Surf City, NJ.

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